Sydney Redfern Walking Tour

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  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: REDFERN, NSW
  • Product code: P0XHUM

This 90-minute walking tour will enlighten you to Redfern’s significant role in Aboriginal Peoples’ recent social and political history. Once a fringe suburb and refuge for immigrants, Redfern became the birthplace of many services and institutions available to the community today.  From an industrial neighbourhood for those on the fringe to the birthplace of numerous small creative businesses, Redfern is one of the most diverse sections of Sydney and proudly boasts its Aboriginal heritage.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Aboriginal culture in Sydney. This 90-minute walking tour is guided by Donna Ingram, a Wiradjuri woman, mother of four and a prominent Cultural Representative for the local Aboriginal community in Sydney.

This tour will enlighten you to Redfern’s significant role in recent Aboriginal history in Sydney. Once a fringe suburb, Aboriginal Peoples were drawn to Redfern to work on the railroad.  Facing discrimination and isolation, they eventually rose up to establish essential services that were previously unavailable to Aboriginal People. The activism that began here transformed this neighbourhood, and we’ll explore the social and political history that informed its current state.

This tour’s guide, Donna, has been welcoming people to country (Tooltips: a common Aboriginal Australian ritual done to acknowledge the significance of the surrounding environment to the Aboriginal religio-cultural worldview) in Sydney for many major events in past years and sits on numerous advisory boards in Sydney. She's a wonderful presence, a wealth of information, and a living example of the female leadership that led Aboriginal People out of isolation and gave them a voice in the community.


  • Learn about Sydney’s cultural beginnings

  • Black Capital of Australia

  • Epicentre of Aboriginal activism